HTC U 11 The Next HTC Flagship: SND 835, 128GB, 16MP


HTC has been releasing a series of flagships. These high-end smartphones come with both a stunning design and amazing features. HTC U 11 will join this segment soon…

HTC U 11 specs and features?

You may have also heard about the HTC U Ocean to launch very soon. In fact, the device was only codenamed Ocean. And HTC U begins the names of other flagships such as HTC U Ultra and HTC U Play. Therefore, leakers must have combined the names. On the other hand, some said the phone should be HTC 11 to follow last year’s HTC 10. Others expected it to be HTC U. Anyway, this upcoming HTC flagship could feature a frame which can be squeezed for certain actions.

Finally, the next HTC flagship turns out to have neither of the names above. “The phone will actually end up being called HTC U 11”. It is like when you don’t know which one to choose and end up getting the combination of both. Recent leaks said the phone would come with a 5.5-inch QHD touchscreen. This means it will feature a stunning 2K display.

The HTC phone is powered by the latest Qualcomm Snapdragon 835 chipset. Internal storage may vary from 64GB to 128GB, which is very impressive since not many phones pack such a huge ROM. Most of them have standard internal storage that can be expanded via microSD card slot. In terms of photography, HTC U 11 cameras are powerful enough with a 12MP main shooter and a 16MP selfie snapper. This once again lists the phone among few flagships with a 16MP front camera. The new HTC device will surely run Android 7.1 Nougat.

HTC U11 price and availability?

HTC U 11 will come in 5 colors, including white, black, blue, red, and silver. Different colors will be available in different regions. HTC U 11 is expected to come next month on May 16. HTC U 11 is still in silence. Maybe it is too early for HTC to say more about its next flagship.