MG Motor e-Vision Electric Concept Supercar Enters Production in 2020


british brand MG motor’s history can be traced back to 1924, and became world famous for making stylish cars that are fun to drive. it’s most recent visionary concept takes the form of an electric supercar, the MG ‘e-motion’, offering a glimpse of the future to today’s trend-setting car owners while blending style, sophistication, and elegance.

all images © MG motor company

the ‘e-motion’ electric supercar embodies MG’s vision for the future. its slender sportsback-style design pays hommage to the brand’s hundred-year heritage, while bringing a sense of fun and aspiration to the low emission marketplace. its starlight matrix front-grille, and headlights drawing-influences from the london eye, bear a distinct resemblance to japan’s award-winning mazda ‘6’. its undulating, vertical tail lights wrap around the supercar’s back, and share a similar form to the jaguar ‘XJ’.

beneath the bonnet, MG’s ‘e-motion’ pure-electric modular architecture delivers 0-100 km/ph in under four seconds, despite boasting a range of over 500 km on a single charge (yes, over five hundred kilometers). featuring an intelligent infotainment system, the supercar is fully internet-compatible, which the british-automaker believes is a key component for today’s tech-savvy generations.