Simeon Ortmüller Proposes ACCESS, an Emergency River-Crossing Device


considering that accessibility is one of the most important factors on the scene of an accident, up-and-coming industrial designer simeon ortmüller presents ‘ACCESS’ — an emergency river-crossing bridge. not only is ACCESS easily transportable, the mechanism is practical in rural areas lacking infrastructure due to its ability to adjusts to various topographical environments, sparing any critical time that could be spent crossing the river otherwise.

the device’s size comparison with a fire engine

ortmüller’s ACCESS is comprised of a lightweight construction where the reduced frame is made out of bent aluminium pipes, making the mechanism easy to assemble. on each side of the river, a system unit will be anchored deeply into the ground in order to achieve a safe and stable river crossing.

overview of the ACCESS mechanism

the static stability of the device is made possible through spanning two ropes across the river. a flexible floating jet inflates with compressed air from one of the units, allowing it to unfold and will then be locked into place by the available ropes; this creates a stream-resistant crossover and provides efficient transportation of victims.

storyboard concept of the design

illustration of the rope winch module

floating body unit

compressed air module