Alfa Romeo + Garage Italia 4C Makes Waves by Paying Hommage to Hokusai


the alfa romeo + garage italia ‘4C hokusai’ is a celebration of the encounter between japanese and italian cultures. alfa romeo’s car was chosen as it is a symbol of italian character and it is adored by japanese people, who have always been passionate about the arese brand. perhaps the best-known japanese art work in the world was hand painted on its bodywork, ‘the great wave off kanagawa’ by katsushika hokusai.

the alfa romeo ‘4C hokusai’

the iconic image immediately recalls the greatness and strength of nature, contrasting the frailty of mankind which is represented by the fishing boats. the wave, reproduced by hand with aerography in garage italia’s design center, dominates the entire rear side of the car and the surface of the roof, sinuously following the shapes of this extraordinary ‘canvas’. the intricate bodywork very much becomes a metaphor of the feelings the driver experiences behind the wheel of the alfa romeo. the choice of the materials for the interior upholstery, similar to that found inside garage italia’s ‘MX’5 levanto’ –- kurabo denim and koi patterned cream foglizzo leather -– are inspired by the art of wrapping the handles of samurai swords (tsukamaki). these luxurious details can be found instantly on the steering wheel and hand brake cover.

iconic artwork was reproduced by hand with aerography

kurabo denim and koi patterned cream foglizzo leather wrap the interior

steering wheel inspired by the art of wrapping the katana hilt