Watch: Phase one Collaborates With Sony on XF 100 Megapixel Camera

engineered to perform well beyond 100 megapixel imaging, the phase one’s XF 100MP camera system platform was designed for expansion – offering professional photographers superior image resolution. the company has collaborated with sony in designing its 100MP CMOS full-frame sensor, combining high dynamic range and exceptional wide angular response. it can deliver true 16-bit color, 15 f-stops of dynamic range, live view capturing with HDMi output, an ISO ranging from 50 to 12800, and exposure times of up to 60 minutes.

all images © phase one

the phase one ‘XF’ camera system has been built with optimal 100 MP performance in mind. as such, features like the ‘honeybee’ auto focus platform, vibration tracking, electronic first curtain shutter, and vibration detection technology have all been developed to ensure the ultimate resolution. the camera was also designed for future growth with regular feature upgrades, incorporating new features, and unique customizations. coupled with new schneider kreuznach ‘leaf shutter’ lenses, an interchangeable prism viewfinder, plus a waist level finder, ‘XF 100MP’ camera system aims to set the standard for professional photography for many years to come.

the XF 100MP camera system delivers unparalleled dynamic range, retaining unmatched detail in both highlights and shadows, packing 101,082,464 active high quality pixels,’ comments henrik håkonsson, phase one’s CEO. he continues, ‘this is the highest performing system that we have ever created, benefitting from a multitude of phase one exclusive innovations developed to support our amazing customers in creating the ultimate images.’

reverse camera image © alexia sinclair

image © alberto maccagno

image © tanya zouev