The Sealander Amphibious Camping Trailer

the sealander is a two-in-one vehicle that combines features of an electric power boat and a camping trailer, effectively taking the caravan and drenching it in the spirit of the sea. the innovative mobile home lets people travel on land and on water, with the help of a few handles, plus an outboard engine.

all images © sealander

the sealander’s shell is made of a tough fiberglass reinforced plastic with a double bottom to prevent sinking. the amphibious camper is powered by a five hp electric motor which can also be used as a source of energy for on-board devices. along with a removable roof, the floating home is customizable through a number of modules to choose from.

the sleek interior combines modern stainless steel and plastic,  with traditional wood and leathe to create a unique cabin. the benches can convert from a generous seating and dining  area (up to six adults) to a spacious bed.  standard features include a cooking-washing module, a cooler, a heater, while an optional toilet, sound system or even barbecue can be installed.