The JEEP Hum Rider Elevating Car Lifts Above High Traffic


communication company verizon builds a sky-scraping SUV to promote its ‘cloud-connected’ automotive technology. the hum rider is a JEEP ‘grand cherokee’ fitted with a custom hydraulics elevating it five feet in the air, giving it enough clearance soar above traffic and drive over it. with its slick transformation at the push of a button, the ‘hum rider’ is the ‘optimus prime’ of the automotive world.

ll images © hum rider

it’s an impressive sight to see a large JEEP SUV carry itself over stationary vehicles like a superhero-gadget. the ‘hum rider’ was realized with scott beverly, the man behind the visual effects sci-fi films including ‘interstellar‘, ‘inception‘, and ‘the dark knight‘. most of the SUV’s system is powered by a gasoline honda generator mounted underneath,  pumping fluid through 300 feet of hydraulic lines. the ‘hum rider’s’ structure was also heavily reinforced, and now weighs in at a substantial 8500 pounds.

the driver can raise vehicle’s body above traffic by pressing a switch on the dashboard. four cameras located beneath the vehicle’s body allow the driver to visualize what the vehicle is driving over, ensuring the clearances are met and maintained. unfortunately, the ‘hum rider’ won’t be entering mass-production any time soon, but this unique custom job could be the ultimate vehicle for the driver who doesn’t have time to waste.