The Porsche 618 Electric Motorcycle Concept


porsche 618 motorcycle concept: dubbed the ‘618’, this futuristic motorcycle concept depicts the future of automotive brand porsche. created by spanish designer, miguel angel bahri, he has created three captivating industrial product renderings in the past, which all exhibit a unique and authentic interpretation of each brand.

all images © miguel angel bahri

miguel angel bahri made his Porsche motorcycle for a subject named two ‘wheels project’, with the goal of making a pure electric bike concept as close to reality as possible. inspired by the porsche ‘911 turbo’, ‘918’, and ‘919’, he has taken the design DNA from these iconic cars and transplanted it into his concept motorcycle. he names it the ‘618’ as it represents an entry-level, electric, two-wheeled  vehicle for the german-automaker, sitting just below the ‘718’ range.

working with form an function in synergy, he thought of the package as a porsche from the very beginning. inspired by the flat-six-architecture of the ‘911’, he interprets this flat and low-center of gravity concept into the ‘618’s’ exterior form and suspension. featuring a center steering hub concept, this places the batteries at the heart of the bike for enhanced stability and turning. for recharging, the luggage compartment and batteries are accessed via elegant le mans style doors.

located in the 30 degree vision angle of the rider is an eight-inch, touch sensitive, digital instrument panel, reducing the external design volume while maintaining the clean form of the motorcycle. these work together with android and iOS smart devices, providing crucial information such as remaining battery range, the nearest charging point, GPS, and even internet, while the bike also charges smartphones wirelessly.