Triumph Ghost Custom Motorcycle by Smoked Garage


inspired by the otherworldly lotus ‘C-01′ motorcycle concept, the triumph ‘ghost’ is an elegant build brought to life by australia-based workshop smoked garage. based on a 2005 triumph ‘speed triple’ bike, the ‘ghost’ now features a bespoke cooling system and frame geometry, housed in a full aluminium body.

all images © smoked garage

once smoked garage had settled on the triumph as the donor bike, it didn’t waste any time stripping it back. as this was the garage’s second iteration of this futuristic bike, it was able to draw from previous experiences to improve upon the new build. it started by customizing the ‘speed triple’s’ frame and making new triple trees. it then assembled a new airbox and radiator, while adding a bespoke headlamp and custom fork sleeves to the front end.

with the lightest result possible in mind, it then shaped the bodywork from five pieces of solid aluminum that join together with flush mounted bolts for an aeronautic aesthetic. smoked garage found cooling to be the biggest issue with its first bike, so it has revised the front grille and improved the scoops on the sides to draw-in more air around the engine. it also redesigned the mounting of the exhaust to help keep temperatures down.

the ‘ghost’ features a custom tail with an integrated LED light, with a pair of clip on bars and rear-set-footpegs to position the rider well for opening the throttle on the straight and narrow. the final finishing touch of the custom triumph is its minimalist paintwork–smoked garage found its final design after sketching over 40 different concepts–and when the paint was applied, it knew the ‘ghost’ had finally been brought to life.