The Techrules Ren is a Diesel-Electric Iuxury Supercar


echrules debuts the final production design of its first series hybrid supercar at the 2017 geneva motor show. ‘ren’ is the first production vehicle from the china-based automotive research and development company, and features its proprietary turbine-recharging electric vehicle (TREV) technology. the aerospace-inspired design is optimized for aerodynamic efficiency, with a striking modular three-cockpit layout crafted by automotive designers, fabrizio and giorgetto giugiaro. a dramatic entrance is assured by the distinctive fighter jet-style canopy that rises up to let people access, and futuristic details such as the front laser headlamps, and ‘star-burst’ reversing LEDs.

aerospace-inspired design crafted by giorgetto + fabrizio giugiaro
all images © techrules

the Techrules ‘ren’ features a lightweight chassis that has been designed and constructed to by motorsport specialist, l.m. gianetti of turin. the performance-focused modular layout allows the car to be configured with one, two or three polycarbonate canopies: one for track use by only the driver, two for the ‘le mans’ configuration with a single passenger, or three to accommodate the driver and two passengers. ‘ren’ is the world’s first electric production supercar to feature the techrules-developed turbine-recharging electric vehicle (TREV) system, delivering exceptional levels of efficiency and performance, with a low environmental impact.

powered by an innovative turbine range extender system

a range of configurations will be available to tailor the powertrain to the exact requirements of the driver. the flagship model – with a battery capacity of 25 kWh, and with two motors at the front + four at the rear – delivers maximum power of 960kW (1287  horsepower) with a range of 1170 km from just 80 litres of diesel fuel. the supercar’s desirability is enhanced further by a refined interior that delivers exclusivity with high-grade luxury materials. the wraparound cockpit and passenger pod spaces are finished using the finest italian leather, with seat cushions finished in a denim produced by the designer clothing company, pt (pantaloni torino).

modular platform design, configurable for driver preferences

the ‘ren’ comes equpped with innovative technologies, including advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS), plus a variety of driving modes. inside the driver’s cockpit, the centre of the steering wheel houses a self-levelling screen that displays performance-focused instruments, while a rear-view cameras feed three monitoring screens. techrules’ luxury supercar will provide a unique blend of performance, brutal power and unparalleled efficiency. beyond the ‘ren’, techrules’ innovative powertrain and platform concept will support family and city cars, with potential for many more model variations.

a blend of luxury materials adorn the interior

in chinese traditional culture, ‘ren’ is the very first of five values that every chinese person is born with to contribute to society. it stands for humanity and kindness, and was chosen for the first techrules supercar as it reflects the spirit in which many scientists, engineers and designers have dedicated themselves to the project.