The Tigermoth Camper Trailer is Made For Off-The-Grid Living

the ‘tigermoth’ camping trailer is a versatile mobile home that makes living off-the-grid a reality. its robust and lightweight structure enables the camper to be towed by most 4×4 vehicles: with a dry weight of 900 lbs, it can be towed to most remote locations. according to the american-manufacturer this camper trailer lets people live out in the open for, ‘seven+ days’, while packing more handy survival features than a swiss-army knife.

the camper sleeps two adults comfortably

the taxa outdoors  ‘tigermoth’ camping trailer’s large side-hatch entrance allows easy access for loading / unloading, or just enjoying scenery from all angles. the camper features built-in LED lights, 12V power outlets, running water, and optional solar panels. when the mobile home is in transit, a tow vehicle connection recharges its battery while hauling. its exterior also has USB ports, a mounted toolbox, roof racks, plus front + roof cargo decks for carrying extra equipment.

insulated aluminum interior walls + ceiling

the camper lets users pull-out their very own kitchen with built in cutting board, bench top, and storage spaces for cookware. its interior architecture offers unprecedented storage capacity, with additional spaces beneath that can be accessed from the comfort of the bed. attach points and hooks can be fitted with net and bungee cord for wall and ceiling mounted cargo.