Range Rover Velar Will Be An ‘Avant Garde’ All-Terrain Vehicle


land rover has announced that it will add a fourth member to its range rover family, set to be fully unveiled on march 1, 2017. filling the void between the range rover evoque and the range rover sport, the SUV brand’s latest addition will be titled ‘velar’, a name derived from the firm’s original 1960s prototype. the range rover sport began life as concept car in 2004, while the evoque model went into full production in 2011.

the car will fill the void between the evoque and sport models

ahead of next month’s launch, Land Rover has released a teaser image of the versatile vehicle, which it says can be used across all terrains. according to the firm, ‘velar’ will combine sustainable materiality with advanced engineering to create a car with ‘pioneering consumer technology’ and ‘elegant simplicity’.

velar has been dubbed the ‘avant garde range rover’

we call the velar the avant garde range rover,’ says land rover chief design officer, gerry mcgovern. ‘it brings a new dimension of glamour, modernity and elegance to the brand. the range rover velar changes everything.’ images of land rover’s first prototype from circa 1969 can be seen below.

land rover’s first prototype was named ‘velar’

the car dates back to the late 1960s

the all new vehicle will be fully unveiled on march 1, 2017