iKamper Skycamp Rooftop Tent Inspired By Jack Kerouac’s On The Road

iKamper skycamp rooftop tent: iKamper manufactures high quality, innovative roof top tents that take seconds to set-up. this portable architecture structure is like a ‘dream tree house’, except it is larger, mobile, and more comfortable. with the ‘skycamp’ roof top tent, campers can take off whenever, stop where they want, and camp. the roof top tents make camping easy, convenient, and fun.

all images © iKamper inc.

jack kerouac’son the road‘ deeply inspired soon park, the founder of iKamper. similarly to the american-travel-writer, park loves journeys. in 2004, park went on a road trip from boston to los angeles and back with his cheap trailer. iKamper roof top tents are based on his 2004 road trip around north america. since his journey in 2004, his fascination towards outdoor camping has continued. this led him to innovate iKamper’s roof top tents – ‘hardtop one’, ‘hardtop one jr.’, ‘road trip’, and now ‘skycamp’. he first started working on ‘hardtop one’ in august 2012. after refining over 20 prototypes, he produced his final and conducted various tests in march 2014.

as kerouac’s novel demonstrates, iKamper changes the focus of people’s lives from meaningless patterns to the true value of passion, love, and compassion. iKamper embraces the lessons kerouac tries to teach through his novel and makes them a reality by manufacturing the highest quality roof top tents. iKamper brought its first roof top tent to market in june 2014, and was well received by campers and travellers worldwide.

iKamper founder, soon park, comments, ‘roof top tents are my little tree house dreams come true. the idea of having my own private room that takes me to all mysterious lands and unrevealed places fascinates me even now. iKamper roof top tents make dreams come true. with your little tree house on top of your car, you can go anywhere – strange lands and unknown places. every day is so busy and repetitive that I sometimes want to step away from my life to rest and take a breath. then, I just take off with my roof top tent to camp and be part of nature.’

he continues, ‘iKamper roof top tents take campers away from their daily routine into nature, the wilderness where they can see another part of themselves and embrace people and nature. with iKamper roof top tents, our campers take a journey back to their childhood.’