MOKE Urban Utility Two-Person E-Bike


the ‘MOKE’ from urban drivestyle is an unusually framed e-bike designed to carry extra cargo. the island of mallora-based company calls its seat the longest ever of its kind, and it can be segmented into three so cushions can be swapped with accessories, like child seats and cargo racks. the ‘MOKE’ doesn’t ride like a conventional electric bicycle neither, with a maximum speed reaching up to 28 mph (45 km/h).

all images © MOKE

the ‘MOKE‘ e-bike is a powerful compact utility electric bike that combines unprecedented storage space with a comfortable ride.  it features the battery at the core of the structure, acting as a support for the extra-long seat sat just behind the timeless headlight. with 20 inch front and rear thick comfort tires, a set of two carbon-steel disc brakes, and its super long two-person moped style seat, the ‘MOKE’ can accomodate two persons plus baggage with ease (180 kg – 390 lbs capactiy).

there are three battery motor varients for urban mobility’s ebike: a 1000-watt motor, a 500-watt motor or a 250-motor options. the rear hub motor is powered by a samsung ‘11.6-AH’ lithium-ion battery that slides discreetly into a holder located where the seat tube would normally be. a single battery powers the bike for an estimated 26 miles (40 km) of range, and riders can add a second pack, doubling the range. the charging process takes from four up to to six hours for a single battery with the included ‘standard’ charger, or from two up to four hours with the available ‘fast’ charger.

the ‘MOKE’s’ pedals are connected to an eight-speed shimano drivetrain with pedal-assist and thumb throttle options, offering an effortless ride at the push of a button. with optional knobby tires the e-bike becomes a mini-all-terrain machine, made for off-road adventures and packed urban environments alike. additional refinements include an LCD computer with USB-out for charging, and adjustable handlebars, offering a comfortable position to riders of all shapes and sizes.

urban drivestyle’s ‘MOKE’ has already surpassed the funding target for funding via its indiegogo campaign, which can be viewed in detail here.