Cezeta Electric Scooter Aeatures a Distinctive Torpedo Form


for those that wish to stand out from the crowd, the čezeta is a timeless celebration of individuality. in celebration of the 60th anniversary of the classic czech scooter, a limited first series of 600 ‘type 506 electric’ will commence production following the official launch in the spring of 2017.

a czech legend in the scooter world
all images ©  čezeta

the čezeta (pronounced chuh-zeh-tuh) is a czech legend in the scooter world. in the former-czechoslovakia j.f. koch was the founder of česká zbrojovka strakonice (čz), a company that manufactured motorcycles from 1935 to 1997. in ’57 he introduced the čezeta ‘type 501′ scooter and from then until 1964 several further series culminating in the type ‘505’, all produced by the ‘golden hands’ of czech artisans, known across central europe for their manufacturing expertise. instantly recognizable due to its distinctive torpedo form, the čezeta was popular for its simplicity, reliability and durability and quickly became a symbol of adventure for young czechs. the brand gained recognition with over 100, 000 čezetas sold worldwide, many of which are now collector’s items.

the ‘type 506′ now has electric power

now the reformed company is ready to bring the classic čezeta up-to-date with battery power. the ‘type 506′ electric is precision-crafted using high quality materials and components developed exclusively for čezeta motors, assembled by hand and made in the czech republic. subtly updated with cleaner lines, the 2017 ‘type 506 electric’ remains true to the original torpedo design and the simple and built-to-last engineering philosophy of founder j.f. koch, while delivering a new level of power, balance and control. from the first moment, the ‘type 506 electric’ stimulates the emotions and delivers a unique experience.

distinctive torpedo formed nose

neil eamonn smith, a brit living in the czech republic since 2003 and a keen renovator and owner of eight čezetas, acquired the brand in 2013 and began a four-year research and development program to bring back this hidden gem as a high performance scooter. based in prague, he assembled a multinational team comprising czechs, italians, brits and an american. he works closely with the prague university and the engineering school located next to the čezeta factory in prostejov, moravia, in eastern czech republic.

updated with cleaner lines

neil eamonn smith acquired the brand in 2013