Purple Koenigsegg Regera in Honor of Prince


This car was designed by Steven Wade, who is in charge of Koenigsegg’s communications and copywriting. He said in the post: “Vöx will laugh at me (as might a million others), but I’ve chosen a purple carbon exterior finish, with white striping and clear carbon side intakes. I’m a massive Prince fan (still grieving) and I’ve always loved our cars in purple.”

“I was tempted to go with gold leaf stripes, like the purple/gold combination of chassis 7094, but I think the gold works better with paint rather than tinted carbon. Inside I’ve gone for ‘snow’ leather with a basket weave pattern on the seats. Yes, anyone who got into the car would have to be impeccably clean. The stitching on these seats is blue, but it’d be purple on the real thing. White calipers behind my carbon wheels finish the look. Now all I have to do is start saving!”