New Leaks of The iPhone 8 Plus: What You Must Know


As we just gave some details about the iPhone 8, we will also talk now about the iPhone 8 Plus which is said to be launched during its 10th Anniversary.

New leaks of the iPhone 8 Plus: What you must know?

As we said previously, “the next Apple biggest event will be in September 2017, this will mark the companies 10th birthday or anniversary”. The iPhone 8 Plus will be one of the most advanced phones ever launched by Apple. The only problem here is that the phone will have some kind of expensive price when it launches, the iPhone 8 Plus may cost you around $ 1100 to $ 1680 based on the type and variant you are looking for. We will now share some details and leaks that were reported, including the specifications it is planning to offer.

The iPhone 8 Plus specs will feature a screen of the 5.8-inch display with an edge to edge design, the device will be a Quad HD screen. The device will sports a 4GB RAM and internal storage options of 32, 64, 128 and 256 GB of storage. The most awaited feature Apple fans want to see from this device is the edge to edge design like the Xiaomi Mix. With this type of design and feature, we believe that true fans will do whatever they can to get the iPhone 8 Plus, money is not a problem for them.

We are also expecting to see an iPhone that can help the company intimidate its competitors and terrorize them as well, haha. The iPhone 8 Plus cameras will sports a 16-megapixel main dual camera, a wireless charging and a battery power of 3200 mAh non-removable. The phone will definitely run on its latest IOS, let’s wait a bit until Apple revealed all the features it’s preparing for its flagships. Rumors also said that the devices will have the red, gold, rose gold, wine, black, and jet black colors.

New leaks of the iPhone 8 Plus:

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