Spark Racing Technology Unveils Futuristic Chassis For Formula E’s Fifth Season


as the official car supplier for the FIA’s formula E racing series, spark racing technology has just unveiled the concept for their latest model. in 2013, the federation chose spark as official tender for the all-electric racing series. three years later, the group has been reappointed to create the cars for formula E’s fifth season which kicks off in 2018. the electric car race series has proven itself to be increasingly popular since its launch, with BMW being one of the first to jump into the game with jaguar and mclaren following close behind.

the sleek new model will be able to travel twice the distance of its predecessor

the engineers at  spark racing technology have taken advantage of four years of formula E experience to increase the performance of their existing model, the SRT01. updated with a futuristic design, the SRT05e is even more powerful. since the current formula E cars don’t have the capacity to run an entire race and need to be swapped halfway, the new model is required to travel twice the distance. this will be accomplished by a more efficient aero design, lower weight and better efficiency in the drivetrain. the SRTO5e will also include a larger battery pack with a capacity of 54 kilowatt-hours, compared to the current 28kWh of existing cars.

the model will have to compensate for a 10% weight increase in the battery pack

the project will be driven by two key factors: safety and innovation. the new concept features a windshield for greater head protection, and a sleeker, next-gen appearance with fully enclosed wheels and no large spoiler.

the SRT05e sees the removal of the large rear spoiler