Nissan Imagines The 2040 Future of Mobility At CES 2017


nissan imagines the 2040 future of mobility at CES 2017: nissan imagines the future of mobility 23 years from now as a revolutionary landscape where the automobile is further connected with people than ever before: automated valet parking where the car comes directly to its owner, no more queues and red traffic lights, and maximum security for all with communication between between cars, pedestrians and cyclists.

all images © nissan

casting our minds back to how the conventional motorcar looked and functioned 23 years ago, the rate of progression has grown so much–even a keyless entry system was unimaginable. now, during his consumer electronics and consumer technology 2017 keynote nissan’s chairman and CEO, carlos ghosn, announced several innovative technologies and partnerships as part of the nissan intelligent mobility blueprint that accelerates the evolution of the automobile into a new era.

nissan’s agile + efficient ‘bladeglider 3-seater electric vehicle’
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the japanese-automaker insists intelligent mobility is not about removing humans from the driving experience. instead, it’s about building a better future for people where cars are their partners, and where drivers are more confident and more connected. it’s vision is to advance mobility forward with these technologies toward a zero-emission, zero-fatality future on the roads.