Moto Guzzi le Mans ‘KM17’ Custom Motorcycle by Kaffeemaschine


the ‘KM17’ custom motorcycle is a striking build that combines a traditional figure with modern, sporty refinements. based upon the classic moto guzzi ‘le mans MKiii′, it is now redressed in hand-made bodywork with a vintage ‘jaguar’ blue finish. created by axel budde, owner of hamburg-based workshop kaffeemaschine, it now has the same minimalist stance, timeless finish, and performance capability that have grown to be signature of the company.

all images © kaffeemaschine

the kaffeemaschine ‘KM17’s’ engine is based upon the italian heavyweight moto guzzi ‘1064cc V-twin’; with bigger valves, a balanced crank, ported heads, and a hotter camshaft, for added power. an electronic ignition system, plus a pair of 40 mm carburetors make use of the upgraded hardware, and are fitted to the handcrafted matte black exhaust pipe.

kaffeemaschine has widened the ‘le mans’ frame to accommodate the heavy V11 motor, and then finished it in black powder. on top is the supple handmade brown leather seat, forming a balanced relationship with the jaguar blue fuel tank. between the handlebars is an aftermarket motogadget ‘chronoclassic’ speedometer. also adding to the timeless aesthetic are the handmade brown leather grips, with turn indicators sat either side of the modified vintage magura handles.

the custom motorcycle features morad wheels from spain, sat on grippy bridgestone ‘battlax’ tires. the ‘KM17′ weighs in at 182 kilos, which is a lighter than the current moto guzzi ‘V7′. complementing the shedded weight plus added power, the brake system has also been replaced with all-new parts. the only original ‘le mans MKiii’ components on the ‘KM17′ are the two front brake calipers.