Up to 7 Nokia Android Phones Can Be Released This Year!


Nokia has created a lot of hype since the confirmation of its comeback. Anticipation is building up every day. Recently, there are reports that this year, up to 7 Nokia Android phones will be released!

Up to 7 Nokia Android phones can be released this year!

2017 is here, and for those loyal fans of the brand Nokia, it means excitement for the upcoming Nokia smartphones. Nokia has confirmed their comeback at MWC 2017. We have been exposed to a lot of leaks, rumors and speculations about the new Nokia phones. Until now, we have reports about Nokia D1C, Nokia C1, Nokia Edge, and Nokia E1. However, keep in mind that these pieces of information are not official. The only official news is that the Nokia comeback will be under HMD Global.

Recently, there have been an exciting piece of news for Nokia fans out there. An image of the supposedly slides of Nokia’s Roadmap has been leaked. It has revealed that there will not only be two, three or four Nokia decives, but a total of up to SEVEN of them! It also stated that he launch will start by Q2 of 2017, and by the end of the year, there will be a total of 7 launched Nokia Android devices.

However, we must note that this leaked image has not been confirmed to be official. We still need Nokia or HMD’s official confirmation about which phones are going to be released this year. Since both Nokia and HMD has not given any new information, that seems unlikely for the near future. However, with only this speculation, both fans of Nokia and the rest are also really hyped for the Nokia comeback. If this turns out to be true, Nokia seems to have planned a grand comeback this year.

Nokia Android phones: Still more to come

We are not that far away from MWC 2017 now. The event will be held in March. It remains to be seen whether or not this comeback of Nokia will be successful or not. We hope that it will. Which Nokia phone are you looking forward to the most?