Removable Battery in Android Phones? … YES!


The trend is towards an integrated battery. Smartphone manufacturer bring more and more Android Phones with non-removable battery to the market. Nevertheless, there are many reasons why a removable battery is the better option:

Longer Lifetime of Mobile Phone

How to make more profit? – This is what manufactures asked themselves. So, they needed to find a way to sell more mobile devices to users and they found a legal and technical way: an integrated battery with a limited lifetime that is irreplaceable. That’s why we are forced to buy a new phone every 2-3 years.

Especially in that case, removable batteries are a big advantage. For those who want to save a lot of money and don’t need to have the latest flagship, it is recommendable to buy the alternative. There are many excellent models in the price range up to 300 euros.

Simple Restart

One of the most common problems of those tech devices is a frozen display. Of course, it is really annoying ,particularly non-tech freaks which have no idea about mobile devices, don’t know what to do in this situation. The quickest and easiest way to for this problem is to remove the battery for a moment and afterwards you can restart your phone as usual. Very simple, right?

Emergency Battery

You probably know the situation: you are with your friends, at a party or in your office and your phone is running out of juice. Powerbank, sockets, everything is there but you forgot your charging cable at home. So, what should you do? With a removable battery you would not have this problem anymore: you can exchange the battery very easily with a fully charged one. Isn’t that great?

Removable Battery – Replacement is Cheaper

The next reason why to buy an Android phone with a removable battery is the cheaper replacement of it. If your battery is not working anymore you can just buy a new one for l little money in a store or online and replace it without any problems. Smartphones with non-removable batteries are more expensive due to the specific way to fix it. Also, you can’t do it by yourself, you have to bring it to an expert and that costs a lot of money.


Easier to Dry

Your phone has become wet? Oh no… Most of the mobile devices with integrated battery would be ruined now, for sure! But with a removable one the risk is lower in that case because you can dry the components of your phone separately. Just remove your battery, that increases the chances of your device’s “recovery”. Our insider tip: just put it in a bowl of rice for a few days… sounds funny but it works miracles! Try it the next time!

Removable Battery in Android Phones? … YES! 

Smartphone with a removable battery have more advantages than you might have thought. If you plan to buy a new phone then have look at them, especially at Samsung Galaxy J5, Lenovo’s Vibe K5 or the upcoming Nokia D1C!