You’re Killing Your iPhone With These 12 Charging Mistakes


It’s no secret that the way a new phone behaves on the first day you have them compared to a few months down the road is a bit of an adjustment period . Iphone users over time may notice certain things not working as quickly or effectively as they used to such as;

  • The Camera
  • The Speed
  • The Battery Power

While it’s true camera quality lessons and over time the phone doesn’t seem to be as responsive as it once once-like anything with old age-the most frustrating aspect of this is fighting a rapidly dying battery life.

However, what many Iphone users may not know is there are several things that might actually be killing the battery prematurely, and secret battery drainers hidden within the Iphone settings. By following a few simple tips and figuring out those secret battery fryers, Iphone users can gain the most effective battery life.

Tip 1 – Charging battery to 100%: Many people begin to feel as if they’re running ouf of time when their phone battery percentage drops lower than 100. Leaving your phone plugged in all day or constantly recharging it to maintain that full battery is actually doing more damage in the long run. Experts suggest letting your phone coast between the 30 to 80 percent point as that’s how it’s most comfortable and when it will run it’s best.

Tip 2 – Letting Phone Die: The Iphone battery or lithium ion batteries violate each time they are allowed to completely die. Each time the Iphone dies completely it is actually wearing the life of the battery down. Experts do suggest allowing your Iphone to completely discharge once every two months to allow the battery to calibrate.

Tip 3 – Battery Overheating: When an Iphone is exposed to the elements it’s going to react. Iphone users may notice a slight delay in their phones performance after it has been left in a hot car for example. This is because the Iphone batteries are very sensitive to heat or cold and have to work extra hard when exposed to the elements. The ideal temperature for an Iphone is between 32-95 degrees.

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