Ferrari 488 Challenge Revealed at Daytona


Revealed at Daytona during the Finali Mondiali event is the new Ferrari 488 Challenge – the sixth model of its kind and the first to go turbo. It’s motivated by the same 3.9-liter twin-turbo V8 as the road-going 488 GTB, producing the same 661 horsepower. But thanks to other modifications, it’s a heck of a lot faster.

The front end has been redesigned , with inverted radiators to both improve cooling and reduce drag. And as you can see, there are new vents all over to help keep everything at optimal operating temperatures while being hammered around the track for lap after lap.

The sum total is a car that can lap Ferrari’s famed Fiorano test track in 1:15.5. That’s a full second faster than the 458 Challenge Evo it replaces, a solid seven and a half seconds faster than the street-legal 488 GTB on which it’s based, and more than four seconds faster than LaFerrari (the fastest road car ever to lap the circuit). That’s what big aero and racing slicks will do for ya.