Nokia 2017 ExpressMusic Leaked: Limited Edition Headphones


Another Nokia phones has been leaked some of the first images. Nokia once was a King in the mobile world with ExpressMusic series and there is no reason that prevents them from re-exploiting this famous line. Nokia 2017 ExpressMusic will definitely draw a huge attention from the world when it is released. So let’s take a look!


Nokia 2017 ExpressMusic: Specs and design

If you do not believe that Nokia will return the smartphone market next year, the on going of many new smartphone introductions can eliminate that doubt. Besides the event among investors all around the world on the November 11 where Nokia has officially confirmed that it will participate in the smartphone market in 2017, some leaked images and information of a very new Nokia phones have been recently unveiled and it will be a must-have of any Nokia fan, the Nokia 2017 ExpressMusic.

As you can see above, Nokia 2017 ExpressMusic is totally made of metal with bezel less design. More interestingly, it has a qwerty keyboard under it screen. How unique and gorgeous it is! At the front top left corner, we will see the logo of XpressMusic series. Next to it is a 8MP selfie camera. The back of this smartphone has an extra-ordianry design with 3D carbon diamond shapes with the 18MP primary camera. Specs-wise, Nokia 2017 ExpressMusic features a 5.2-inch Quad HD screen, 4 GB RAM and 64 GB ROM.


What we want to highlight in this Nokia model is the limited edition attached accessory. It is a wireless stunning design smart headphone in red and black color scheme.This headphone is also decorated with diamond shapes, which makes it a perfect match to the phone. Nokia 2017 ExpressMusic is predicted to run on Window Mobile 8 OS, one of the most stable Microsoft OS. Although it seems to be out of fashion, the design and powerful specs of Nokia 2017 ExpressMusic will be a dream of any smartphone user.

Nokia 2017 ExpressMusic: the return of the King

Nokia ExpressMusic series used to rule the mobile world and its coming back will be a head-restart of Nokia on their way back to mobile industry. The official information of Nokia’s booth in MWC 2017 once confirms again their return. However, they will start with some low-price or mid-range smartphones first to test the market. So the earliest we can see a real Nokia 2017 Express Music will be at the end of Q2, 2017. So stay tuned and get more Nokia information.