Sony Xperia XR VS Sony Xperia X Performance: 3GB RAM Sony Flagships!


For those who don’t know, Sony Xperia XR has just been leaked lately with lots of specs! So let’s compare Sony Xperia XR vs Sony Xperia X Performance – the latest flagship from the brand!


Sony Xperia XR VS Sony Xperia X Performance: 3GB RAM battle!

First of all, let’s talk about the performance. Both Sony Xperia XR VS Sony Xperia X Performance share the same CPU. They have a Snapdragon 820 chipset, which is very powerful. Besides at the heart of the phone, there is a quad-core 2.2GHz processor. Moreover, they both pack the same 3GB RAM, which will be for sure drive the system really smoothly. This combination will offer users with a great experience.

Now let’s talk about the camera of Sony Xperia XR VS Sony Xperia X Performance! According to the leaked details, Xperia XR will sport a great 20 megapixels on the rear. Moreover, the snapper on the front even supports 12MP resolution. As for Xperia X Performance camera, there is a 23MP shooter on the rear and a 13MP selfie shooter on the front. Both the phones are powerful but the Performance one offers a higher resolution.


Both Sony Xperia XR VS Sony Xperia X Performance also share a similar display. Xperia X Performance carries a 5-inch display, while Xperia XR comes with a 5.1-inch. Both displays offer full HD resolution. Another similarity between them is the software! They both run Android 6.0 Marshmallow. The battery of Xperia X Performance is only 2700mAh, while there hasn’t been any detail about Xperia XR battery.

Sony Xperia XR VS Sony Xperia X Performance: Who wins in the end?

So overall, Sony Xperia X Performance is better in terms of photography thanks to its 23MP main snapper and 12MP selfie shooter. Now let’s talk about the price! Sony Xperia X Performance price is quite high: Rs 49990 ($750). Meanwhile, Sony Xperia XR price is expected to be only Rs 22000 (RM 330) – such a big gap! So if I were you, I would pick the Xperia XR because 20MP resolution is fine for me!