Nokia E1 vs Meizu M5: 2GB RAM Battle!


Nokia E1 is one of the most potential Android smartphones, which is expected to launch next year. Meizu M5 is one of the latest smartphones from Meizu, which was released in November. So, Nokia E1 vs Meizu M5: which one is better in this 2GB RAM battle?

Nokia E1 vs Meizu M5: 2GB RAM battle

Let’s start the comparison! Regarding the chipset, Nokia E1 is reported to house a 2.3GHz Intel 64-bit Atom processor, while Meizu M5 features Mediatek MT6750. In order to save data, both phone sports a 2GB RAM. When the internal storage of Nokia E1 is 32GB, that of Meizu M5 is 16GB ROM. Besides, Meizu also comes with a version of 32GB and 3GB RAM. It is not sure whether the inbuilt storage of Nokia E1 is expandable or not, but Meizu M5 can be expandable to 256GB via a Micro SD card. So, the Meizu smartphone is quite better in this aspect.

Coming to photography, a 20MP camera and the same 5MP front facing snapper are hinted to be present in Nokia E1. Whereas Meizu M5 packs a 13MP rear camera equipped by dual LED flash along with 5MP selfie shooter. If Nokia E1 is assisted with Pureview, it would be a formidable rival. Regarding the battery, the Nokia handset is hoped to pack a 2700 juice pack, while the Meizu handset carries a better capacity, up to 3070 mAh battery.


So, what’s about other specs, Nokia E1 is likely to feature a 4.95 inch screen, and Meizu M5 is a little bigger with 5.2 inch display. If you want to have a bigger viewing experience, Meizu M5 should be your choice. But if you love a handy smartphone, Nokia E1 is exactly what you are looking for.

Nokia E1 vs Meizu M5: price battle

Both Nokia E1 VS Meizu M5 fall into the mid-ranger price category.  While Nokia E1 is predicted to cost around USD 250 no more, Meizu M5 price is only around USD 128, which is very affordable to most people nowadays. If you meet both smartphones in a same retailer shelf, which between the 2 would you pick?