Apple Admits iPhone 6 Plus Issue Touch Screen


After a long time of being quite for the iPhone 6 Plus “Touch Disease”, Apple finally admits the issue. Besides, this US giant also offers the repair program for the iPhone 6 Plus issue. 

iPhone 6 Plus issue: Apple finally admits

iPhone 6 Plus is one of the best Apple’s products last year. However, this phone has a problem. Back in August, an iFixit site said that iPhone 6 Plus got a problem with controller chips which lead to non-responsive touch screen. After that, there are more and more iPhone 6 Plus phones having the similar issue. At that time, Apple, as usual, kept silent about this iPhone 6 Plus issue.

Now, Apple finally admits the iPhone 6 Plus issue “Touch disease”. However, the company didn’t give any explanation about the chips or motherboard. Instead of that, they said that the phones could be dropped on a hard ground or the screen may flicker. These could be the reasons causing the “Touch Disease” of iPhone 6 Plus.


In addition, Apple also offers users a repair program. You can have your iPhone  6 Plus fixed with $149, as long as your device still works and the screen is not broken or damaged. If you already repaired your handset, don’t worry, you can partly have your money back. Apple will offset the discrepancy between the money you have to pay for the repair service and $149 from Apple program.

iPhone problem: not the first time

This is not the first time iPhones from Apple have a problem. There are many explosion cases involved to iPhones, even iPhone 7 exploded as well. These cases are not as global as Galaxy Note 7. However, Apple should be more careful on working on their iPhones, especially when iPhones are the most important product of the company. And hopefully, next time, if this happens again, Apple will give a better explanation.