5 Advantages Android OS Has Over iOS


Have you ever wondered what Android OS has over iOS. We’re here to give you the answers. Let’s read on and discover what those advantages are.


Android OS vs iOS: 5 pros of Android users

First of all, the Android OS offers users with multi-window view. For example, Although iOS also has multi-window support. However, this feature is only available for tablets while it is not for iPhone. With multi-window view, Android users can run two apps at the same time.  Secondly, the latest operating system version of Android Nougat. One unique feature of Nougat OS is VR supporting capability. This means Android Nougat-based smartphones allow you to connect with Google’s VR headset which is Daydream.

Thirdly, skin or launcher of Android-based devices is quite “flexible” which comes in different and unique themes, icons, tools and functions. As a result, users can modify upon their preference and experience. For example, Pixel Launcher which is a new launcher of Google. It comes with straightforward features, likewise the iOS interface. Fourthly, The Wi-Fi information of Android OS is quite straightforward. It is showed up right below the Wi-Fi icon whereas the Wi-Fi network information of iOS locates in Settings which in turn require users a few step to get there.


Lastly, as we know that personal assistant or virtual assistant is a feature of smartphone allow users to give a  command via voice or speech. For iOS, that is Siri. On the other hand, Android OS has Google Now as its virtual assistant. Especially, Android 7.0 Nougat now has Google Assistant which is an virtual assistant of Pixel smartphones. With Google Assistant, users can make more conversations, even reservations. In case of Android 6.0 Marshmallow, there is Now on Tap feature somehow likewise the Google Assistant, at least to some extent.

Android OS vs iOS: wrap up

Multi-window view, VR support, variety of Launchers, personal assistant, direct Wi-Fi information are 5 best advantages that Android users have over iOS users. Do you agree with us? Let’s share your opinion at our page. Thank you for reading!