2019 Porsche 911, Impressive Design and Details


“Porsche 911… not an easy volume, not a generic good looking coupe. The last few generations (997 and 991) have become very streamlined and have ironed out a lot of the quirkiness of the older models. I tried to re-capture some of the frog-like character in the stance of the car and also in the architecture of the face. Sculpturally the idea was to go back to the original 911 bodyside, less turbo arches and more a continuous soft shoulder development. Having said that, I did not want to end up with a conventional 996 style bodyside, I tried to find a more modern section development through the door a bit inspired by the fantastic Mazda RX vision. All in all, 911 was never my favourite car but I really enjoyed playing with this model and it proved to be a difficult but rewarding exercise. ” Sasha Selipanov.


2019-porsche-911-impressive-design-and-details 2019-porsche-911-impressive-design-and-details