Lexus Kinetic Seat is The Spider Silk Car Seat of The Future


Lexus claims its new concept revolutionises the car seat. It’s set to debut at the 2016 Paris Motor Show

Car seats aren’t known for being too exciting, but Lexus has come up with a new concept that it says will completely change the principles of car seat design and occupancy – and that sounds quite exciting to us. Called the Kinetic Seat Concept, it will go on display as a stand-alone feature at the upcoming Paris Motor Show, alongside the UX concept car the brand has already teased.

The Kinetic seat immediately stands out thanks to its bright orange metal frame and rather than fitting the usual array of foam cushions, Lexus has draped the Kinetic seat in a spiderweb pattern of fibres that suspended you a bit like a hammock would. The net is flexible enough to fit the shape of whoever sits in it, and spreads the load evenly for improved comfort.



Rather than using fabric, leather, artificial leather or Alcantara, the Kinetic Seat’s upholstery is made of a synthetic spider silk material named QMONOS. The company says it’s formed by fermenting protein before spinning it into silk. We’re not too sure how that works either, but the company behind it, Spiber Inc, claims it provides superior toughness and shock absorption. Just be careful about sitting too long – you might find a spider web pattern etched into your back with the Lexus logo in the middle…

Lexus claims the seat concept is very ergonomic, too, thanks to a clever backrest which pivots from side to side. The seat cushion moves too, allowing the driver to stabilise his or her head more easily – the same way you would when walking or jogging. The Lexus Kinetic Seat concept will be displayed at the Paris Motor Show later this month and we’ll report back once we’ve had a sit in it.