Watch: An Airplane Land on One of the World’s Shortest Airport Runways

Getty Images/iStockphoto

British Airways pilot Karen Atherton has 26 years of experience, and is one of only 27 captains at the airline green-lighted to navigate the runway at London City Airport.

In a video from the cockpit, she walks viewers through landing on the 1,500-meter runway.

The average runway is around 1,800 meters in length, and pilots must apply and go through rigorous training before they can land at this more challenging airport.


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Atherton also walks us through a few normal airplane noises and guides us on an aerial tour of the city, noting the location of Tower Bridge, the London Eye, and the Shard.

“The views flying into London are breathtaking, and are a constant reminder of what an incredibly beautiful city it really is,” Atherton said in a statement. “The level of training required is demanding, and rightly so, but the flying is extremely rewarding.”

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