Snapchat Rolls Out Biggest Update Ever

© Getty Snapchat app on iPhone

Snapchat is making the biggest change to its app since it launched in 2011.

At the moment, photos and videos shared via the app disappear after the recipient has viewed them, and there’s no way to retrieve them.

But now Snapchat wants to let people hold on to their photos and videos for longer.

A new feature called Memories works like a camera roll inside Snapchat itself.

People can save their photos and videos inside the app, and access them later by swiping up from the camera screen.

They will also have the option of sending them to friends or add them to their Snapchat stories long after they were taken, a step away from the app’s ephemeral roots.

However, photos which are re-sent more than 24-hours after they were taken will be flagged up to the viewer.

Snapchat will also get a search feature that lets you find the photos and videos you’ve saved by date, location, or even the contents of the image.

The system will use image-recognition technology to categorise images, and promises that it will get better over time as it learns.

A special password-protected section called My Eyes Only can be used to store photos that are private.

The updates will be rolled out to users over the next month, and people willreceive a message from Snapchat when they have the new feature.

Facebook has made repeated attempts to buy Snapchat from its 26-year-old founder Evan Spiegel, but has been rejected.

Mark Zuckerberg’s social network has started to build-up its real-time offering to compete with Snapchat – such as by launching Facebook Live.