The Best and Worst Places to Store your Milk in the Fridge

The best and worst places to store your milk in the fridge
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A chef has revealed what are best and worst places to store food in a fridge.

Daniel Norton explained to Tech Insider that different locations in the fridge can vary widely in temperature.

The higher shelves and the racks in the door are usually the warmest part of the fridge.

The most sensitive products to subtle changes in temperature include milk, raw meat and fish.

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Known as “high risk foods”, these products have to be kept in certain conditions or they can grow bacteria potentially harmful to people.

Norton states the sensitive food products, including shellfish, fresh-filled pasta and meat pies, should be kept in the back or bottom of the fridge.

The above areas generally being the coldest parts of the fridge.

According to food experts, milk can kept in your fridge for up to a week after its “sell by” date while raw poultry could be stored for one to two days after its “sell by” date.

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