Businessman pays Dhs18 million for plate number




A businessman has paid Dhs18million for an exclusive number plate during an auction yesterday evening.

Sharjah’s plate number 1, under the 3 code, went to Emirati Arif Al Zarouni.

Car plate number 12 was sold for Dhs2.7 million, while number 786 went for Dhs800,000 to a Pakistani businessman.

He told 7DAYS: “I bought this because it is my lucky number… I am optimistic about it.”

Car plate number 123 was sold for Dhs755,000, number 911 for Dhs365,000, and car number 9111 for Dhs102,000.

Other numbers sold during the auction at the Al Jawaher Convention Centre included 12345 for Dhs190,000 and 1971 for Dhs47,000.

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