Watch: Russian Top Secret Aircraft from The Cold War Era: The Caspian Sea Monster!


In the 1970’s the point at which the main American satellite photographs were taken of this vessel as it sat inland, it was accepted to be an ordinary Jumbo plane estimated air ship under development… however why was it sitting on a wharf alongside water?When the vessel was later shot sitting in water the inquiries began to fly ” What is it ? ” and ” Why is a tremendous gigantic plane measured plane sitting in water? “. What the Americans had accidentally captured was The Caspian Sea Monster, a 540 ton Ekranoplan.A plane that could skim over the surface of the ocean at enormous velocity as found in the real Russian photograph beneath… taken amid ocean trails. 

The 540 ton Ekranoplan or Caspian Sea Monster as it was called, can go over water in abundance of 290 bunches! This is a marvelous rate for what is essentially a maritime vessel.Ekranoplan is a Russian word, it signifies ‘screen art’ or ‘skimmer’. It is not a plane nor is it a boat, its more like a blend of both. The Ekranoplan goes along on a dynamic pad of air that is created by its forward development, and with eight capable turbofan plane motors it can achieve a high rate of bunches.

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Powerful Takeoff, Just Turning up the Volume 😍 So Good

Powerful Takeoff, Just Turning up the Volume 😍 So Good