Watch: Teenage Lad Designs Plane Filter System That Could Prevent The Germ Apocalypse


Fess up, who’s got on a plane when they’ve been ill?

It turns out that aeroplanes are some of the worst places for spreading germs because as air is pumped around the cabin, pathogens are spread from passenger to passenger.

Hope you’re still looking forward to flying away for your holidays mate.

But thanks to one teenage lad things could be about to change.

17-year-old Raymond Wang recently gave a TED talk in which he explained how he built computer simulations to show how germs move around aircrafts.

He also explained how he has invented a filter system which could stop germs spreading as effectively around planes.

Let’s see what he’s been on about then…

Raymond’s interest in plane germs was sparked during the Ebola outbreak in 2015.

Airborne diseases like SARS and bird flu have caused a massive amount of public panic over the past couple of decades, and you still sometimes see people walking about with masks on.

Raymond hopes his filter designs could help restrict these diseases being spread during flights and reduce the chance of the germ apocalypse happening.

Talking about current planes filter systems, Raymond explains: “When we sneeze, the air gets swirled round multiple times before it has a chance to go out through the filter.”

Dodgy that, isn’t it?

According to the World Health Organisation, a flu outbreak could cost us three trillion pounds to resolve.

Raymond explains how his device, which he says could be implemented overnight, could save the world billions of dollars and make planes a lot less gross.

What are you waiting for then? Get them installed.