Dubai cop among bad road users shopped by vigilant public

The Lexus RC F that has joined the Dubai Police super fleet of patrol cars

Dubai Police also said many road offenders have been caught by off duty officers

A police officer who stopped his car in the middle of the road for no reason is among the 12,000 traffic offenders fined by Dubai Police after being reported by members of the public.

The cop was caught as part of the We Are All Police campaign, which was launched in January. It sees motorists urged to blow the whistle on bad driving.

Colonel Saif Muhair Al Mazroui, Director of the Traffic Department at Dubai Police, said the campaign allows people to report any traffic offence immediately to the police control room via a dedicated free number.

“The service relies on reports from the public and on incidents caught by surveillance cameras across Dubai,” Al Mazroui said. “More and more people are cooperating in this programme.”

So vigilant are some drivers that one of those reported was a policeman.

Al Mazroui said: “We received a call about a police patrol that had stopped in the middle of the road.

“We checked our command centre and the patrol wasn’t doing anything, so we fined the policeman.”

Al Mazroui said the force recorded a total of 12,431 offences through the programme. As well as members of the public, off-duty officers also used the service to report offences they spotted.

Motorists can register on the Dubai Police website for the ‘We Are All Police’ programme to be able to send videos and images. They can also call 8004353.

Al Mazroui said that when officers receive a call from the public they call the motorist in question to check if he was in the area at the time stated in the complaint to confirm the report.

“If it’s a serious offence like reckless driving or endangering others lives then we need also to check our cameras and question the motorist,” Al Mazroui said.

He said police won’t issue a ticket unless they receive three different calls from different people.

However,  Al Mazroui said motorists should not take pictures of offences if they are behind the wheel as this is against the law and they could be fined.