300m up on the World’s Highest Suspension Bridge


MEET the world’s most relaxed duster as he puts the finishing touches to China’s record-breaking Anzhaite Long-span Suspension Bridge.

The bridge, which is located in Jishou, Hunan, measures 1176 metres across and is 336 metres above the ground, making it the world’s highest and longest suspension bridge. Construction has taken nearly five years, with most of the work finished at the end of last year. It was built to ease traffic in the area mainly caused by its numerous narrow, steep roads. Pedestrians can walk along it on a special walkway and take in views of the Dehang Canyon.

A brave worker put the final touches on the Anzhaite Long-span Suspension Bridge. Picture: Austral Press.197635_485308841496287_1041897329_n

The ambitious structure is 336m high and 1176m long. Picture: Imaginechina598488_485308794829625_24923203_n

People and traffic stream across the Anzhaite Long-span Suspension Bridge during the opening ceremony. Picture: I magine China


The bridge, which connects to two tunnels, was built to ease traffic. Picture: Imaginechina182162_485308771496294_1948670825_n

It offers stunning views of the Dehang Canyon. Picture: Imaginechina598691_485308784829626_1686824014_n