Lighting’s Speedy Strike Electric Motorcycle Starts at $13k

Lighting Motorcycle’s Strike has struck, but is it the bike we wanted?

The addition of a sports fairing reduces drag by a whopping 30 percent at highway speeds(Credit: Lightning Motorcycles)

The new, more affordable entry-level model from Lightning Motorcycles will start at just under $13,000 — but is it worth it?

After months of teasing, the Lightning Motorcycles’ Strike is making its debut, and it looks promising, if not all that we hoped it would be.

Lightning’s first mass-market electric motorcycle starts from a killer price point of US$12,998(Credit: Lightning Motorcycles)

Silicon valley-based electric motorcycle manufacturer lightning has unveiled its first two-wheeled EV. starting at $12,998, the strike comes with an impressive array of specs to match its impressively low entry price, boasting a monstrous 180 lb-ft (244 Nm) of torque and a 70 mile (113 km) range.

Ohlins and Brembo are standard on the Carbon Edition and optional on the lower spec bikes(Credit: Lightning Motorcycles)

the base version of the standard range strike carries a 10kWh battery that offers 113-161 km (70-100 mi) of range (highway/city). an AC induction motor is capable of producing 90 horsepower with the 455-pound bike generating a top speed of 135 miles per hour. the battery can be recharged either overnight with a 110V level 1 connection of in 2-3 hours with a level 2. lightning is selling a quicker charging option for $1,500 that will make it possible to fully charge the battery in about 35 minutes at Level 3 DC fast chargers.

The Strike’s design is highly reminiscent of the beautiful and terrifying LS-218(Credit: Lightning Motorcycles)

if that’s not enough though, a mid range version with a 15-kWh battery delivers 105-150 miles for US$16,998. other than carrying an extra 10 pounds, the mid-range is pretty similar to the standard range version. it has the same top speed, same charging, same horsepower and torque. if you want a more obvious improvement a third tier carbon edition with 20 kWh will take you 150 miles (241 km) on the highway for $19,998.

Three versions will be available, with battery sizes of 10, 15 and 20 kWh offering highway speed ranges up to 150 miles(Credit: Lightning Motorcycles)

the strike carbon edition generates up to 120 horsepower with the same torque as the others, whilst a6.6-kW level 3 fast charging will let you put 100 miles (161 km) worth of range into the bike in just 20 minutes. finally, it is outfitted with a variety of upgrade options, including öhlins suspension, brembo monoblock brakes, AIM strada racing dash with lap timer and GPS-based data logging, plus a carbon fiber body package.

The Carbon Edition gets Ohlins suspension(Credit: Lightning Motorcycles)

lightning says it will start deliveries in the US but plans to announce international expansion in late 2019.

Source: Lightning Motorcycles

Three spec levels are available(Credit: Lightning Motorcycle)