Ferrari P80/C one-off Pays Tribute to 330 P3/P4, Dino 206 S

It’s the first SP Ferrari to use a racecar as a base. It’s also nuts

That front splitter is not designed to take prisoners(Credit: Ferrari)

The one-off machine pays homage to the Ferrari 330 P3/P4 and Dino 206 S.

A huge rear wing and massive diffuser setup dominate the rear of the car(Credit: Ferrari)

For more than four long years, one person has kept a major secret with Ferrari. The company and the client were working on a project that Ferrari calls its “most extreme one-off design ever.” Inspired by the 330 P3/P4 and the 1966 Dino 206 S, the P80/C is a new-age take on a track-focused sports prototype.

Ferrari claims the P80/C is its “most extreme one-off ever”(Credit: Ferrari)

The Ferrari P80/C is a new one-off creation for a client in love with the Prancing Horse’s famous race cars, particularly the sports cars of the 1960s. The automaker’s engineering team began working on this project way back in 2015, and the development has finally reached the end with incredible results.

The interior is every bit a race car(Credit: Ferrari)

The P80/C is a track-only creation with the Ferrari 488 GT3 race car as its basis. The Prancing Horse’s designers and engineers work together to create a completely different body that’s both aesthetically pleasing and functional around a circuit.

The engine is derestricted. Possibly up to the tune of the 488 Pista motor’s 710 hp, possibly more, we don’t know(Credit: Ferrari)

Not needing to fulfil all of the rules for the public road allows the designers to give the P80/C a low, wedge-shaped front end and a prominent splitter below it. An S-duct in the hood and louvers at the top of the fenders help manage the airflow. The steeply sweptback windshield helps create a very sleek silhouette when viewing the coupe from the side. 

The P80/C with its clothes off(Credit: Ferrari)

The Ferrari 488 GT3 has a wheelbase that’s 1.969 inches (50 millimeters) longer than the road car, and the extra length lends greater visual weight to the back of the P80/C. One of the most striking features of the model’s design is the huge intake right behind the door, and this design element leads the viewer’s eye to the brawny rear fenders.  The engine cover has an array of aluminium louvers that contrast with the rest of the machine’s red body. Two tiers of wings and a massive diffuser dominate the view from the back.

At home on the racetrack(Credit: Ferrari)

Ferrari never discloses the price of its one-off creations, but the years of development indicate the unnamed buyer has some very deep pockets. The video above at least provides a brief opportunity to see the P80/C lap a track in anger before the buyer can put the machine in a garage near a private circuit far away from the public’s prying eyes.

Source: Ferrari

(Credit: Ferrari)
Downforce has been a priority here(Credit: Ferrari)
On track at Maranello(Credit: Ferrari)
(Credit: Ferrari)
(Credit: Ferrari)
(Credit: Ferrari)
The P80/C in pieces: a 488 GT3 car underneath, with completely revised bodywork and a derestricted engine(Credit: Ferrari)
The rear of the car with bodywork removed(Credit: Ferrari)