Ares Panther Spyder to be revealed later this year

The Panther ProjettoUno is an homage to the De Tomaso Pantera of the early 70s(Credit: Ares Design)

We’ve always loved the De Tomaso Pantera, and we’re thrilled to see Ares Design come out with a car that was heavily inspired by the vehicle. It’s like the modern-day car that we thought we’d never get. Now Ares Design has confirmed that it will build a Spyder variant of the car. 

(Credit: Ares Design)

In an interview with Top Gear, Dany Bahar, who is the company’s boss, said that the deliveries for the coupe version of the car will begin getting to customers by the end of April. Then he said, “a few months later, [Ares] will present the Spyder version.”

LED driving lights beneath the hood will suffice until the main events pop up(Credit: Ares Design)
(Credit: Ares Design)

The Panter Project is a car built on the Lamborghini Huracan. Lamborghini also has a Spyder version of the car, so Ares Design will likely use this version of the car to make the Spyder. According to Top Gear, only 70 Panter Project cars will be built. This includes both the coupe and Spyder. 

The Panther’s paint job is a winner(Credit: Ares Design)

As far as the performance numbers go, we’d expect them to be essentially the same as the coupe version of the car. It will be interesting to see how Ares Design manages with the styling of the car. The coupe version looks fantastic, so we’d imagine the convertible one will too, but you never know. Full details will be released at a later date when the company shows off the car. As Bahar said, that will occur a few months later. Until then, we’ll keep you posted on any new developments.

“Ares reckons it can turn one around for you inside 12 weeks, from a starting price of €615,000, or a hair under US$700,000. It’s a fair old hike from the Pantera’s origins as an affordable supercar, but then, it looks cooler than sideburns and a set of flares, and with only 70 or so planned for production over the next five years, owners will be part of a very small club.”

Source: Ares Design

A rendering of the Panther ProjettoUno cockpit(Credit: Ares Design)
A rendering of the Panther ProjettoUno cockpit(Credit: Ares Design)
A rendering of the Panther ProjettoUno cockpit(Credit: Ares Design)
A photo of the cockpit (Credit: Ares Design)