Gigantic B-52 Stratofortress RC SCALE MODEL Airplane flight


Here is amazing Video of Gigantic B-52 Stratofortress RC SCALE MODEL Airplane flight. This is one of the biggest RCs we’ve seen to date. Also, it’s a B-52 which makes this even better.

People that call RC SCALE MODEL “toys” have no idea what they’re talking about, so please refrain from saying that if you can.

In the end, the landing was near flawless. The guy set her down as gently as possible and the whole operation was a success. Notice his friend at the end of the video though. When the camera pans out to show the landing, you can see the guy in the hat holding his head even though everything was looking good.

Here is another interesting Video of Giant Scale B-52 R/C Plane Crash

RC SCALE MODEL like this took years to make and although we don’t have much information about this particular one, we did see another one which was slightly smaller. They guy documented the entire

Bernie’s Big B-52 Times Two

Maiden flight of Bernie’s scratch-built EDF B-52 RC jet bomber.