Video: Emergency Evacuation on a Ryanair Flight at BCN Airport


Ryanair passengers escape on emergency

INCIDENT (via Razvan S) / #Ryanair passengers escape on emergency chute after mobile phone external battery exploded while the 737 was about to taxi for departure. Video: incident happened around 5.30pm this afternoon at Barcelona’s El Prat airport as the packed Boeing 737 prepared to take off for Ibiza. No one needed medical attention, although some passengers are said to have suffered slight burns as they slid down the emergency chute.What's wrong with this video and how pax are exiting the airplane?

Posted by Airplane on Tuesday, July 31, 2018

Mobile phone connected to an external battery inside of a hand luggage got on fire producing smoke inside the cabin. PASSENGERS stop evacuating with your hand luggage as you delay the evacuation and other passengers behind you can literally die