Rare 1967 Meirson Sprint Motor V-Twin Speedway Bike by Royal-T Racing


the ‘meirson sprint motor V-twin speedway bike’ by royal-T racing holds one of the rarest harley-davidson-based engines in the world. made in 1967 by father and son – clarry and allan meirs of australia – the engine enhances one from the US-brand, specifically the 74” 46U flathead bottom end, to produce 1000 cc with a 15:1 compression ratio and to deliver 160 hp. however, the 1 of 1 motor disappeared for 50 years before resurfacing in california, where patrick tilbury, founder of royal-T racing, restored it as close to its original state and specifications as possible.

all images courtesy of jorge menes

after resurrecting the meirson sprint motor, royal-T racing custom built a motorbike to match its speedway heritage, including a white, gold and green painted livery. the design’s frame is made from 304L stainless steel, while the gas tank, oil tank and rear fender are all individually shaped from aluminum. alongside the stainless steel exhaust, it is finished off with upholstered leather seat and handle bar pad, as well 23-inch front and 19-inch rear talon wheels.

after LA-based royal-T racing’s restoration and custom build, the one-of-a-kind motorcycle and its rare engine is currently on sale.

image via silodrome

image via silodrome

image via silodrome