Z-Scooter is the first self-balancing scooter inspired by Corradino D’Ascanio original design. An aesthetic vision that has endured over time and that could also be designing the new future. Enjoy driving a vintage vehicle with zero emissions. Z-Scooter can be customized with different color decorative covers.

images courtesy of bel & bel

barcelona-based studio-workshop, bel& bel studio, have designed a scooter/segway hybrid allowing users all the joy of riding a vintage vehicle with zero emissions. inspired by corradino d’ascanio’s original design for the vespa, the all-electric z-scooter looks like the italian icon from the front but behind, it’s all segway.

images courtesy of bel & bel

the z-scooter is bel & bels attempt at popularising EV’s among an audience that until now have not considered them a viable mode of transportation. designed for recreational riding, it can reach speeds of 20km/h for as long as 35km on a single charge, which due to its fast charging feature takes between 3-4 hours. users can also link their apple or android devices via a bluetooth app.

as is standard with all segways, the z-scooter has a self-balancing platform – lean forward and backwards to either accelerate or decelerate. turn the handles sideways to manoeuvre left and right or in stationary, pull down the small stand a the front to keep it upright. it comes with 2 years warranty, is available in an infinite palette of colours, and costs €5,950.