New Maritime Electric speed World Record set by Jaguar Vector Racing


The V20E has broken the electric water speed record set in 2008(Credit: Jaguar Vector)

Jaguar Vector Racing has given electric propulsion on the water a big boost by breaking the British and world electric speed records for a battery-powered boat. On June 15, the Jaguar Vector Racing V20E piloted by Jaguar Vector co-founder and technical director Peter Dredge made an average speed of 88.61 mph (142.6 km/h) over two legs of the 1-km (0.62-mi) course on Coniston Water in northern England, smashing the previous record of 76.8 mph (123.6 km/h) set in 2008.

The V20E on Connistan Water(Credit: Jaguar Vector)

Created in partnership with Williams Advanced Engineering, the V20E was developed using Formula E technology. The stripped-down inshore powerboat made its record-breaking run using two Yasa electric motors powered by batteries weighing in at 705 lb (320 kg) and punching 295 bhp (220 kW). Williams provided the electric power, motor and control systems for the boat.

The V20E is a stripped down inshore powerboat(Credit: Jaguar Vector)

“After 12 months of hard work, this is a fantastic result for the team and our partners and a great first step in bringing the power and versatility of electrification to the marine industry,” says Malcolm Crease, CEO of Jaguar Vector Racing. “It is a great honor for the Vector team to follow in the footsteps of Donald Campbell CBE and to set a world record on the historic Coniston Water.”

Launching the V20E(Credit: Jaguar Vector)

Jaguar Vector says that its team will continue to challenge other world and national records over the next year and a half as a way to spur innovation and provide a showcase for British engineering.

The V20E enters the water(Credit: Jaguar Vector)

The video below shows the V20E going through its paces and claiming the new maritime electric world record.

Source: Jaguar Vector

The V20E uses Formula E technology(Credit: Jaguar Vector)

The V20E speeding up(Credit: Jaguar Vector)

The V20E made two runs in opposite directions to break the record(Credit: Jaguar Vector)

The V20E on the slips(Credit: Jaguar Vector)