Invictus 280SX yacht Sporty With Charm


Invictus 280 SX is the ideal craft if you like to enjoy water sports one day and to relax the other one. It’s the boat made for versatility.

ideal for eclectic boatowners who want to alternate days of water sports with pure relaxation at sea, the invictus ‘280SX’ yacht is crafted with and to deliver pure italian style. measuring 8.70 meters in length, the water vehicle benefits from a stern hull to ensure comfortable, elegant sailing, as well as a sporty feel. this is delivered thanks to a 350 hp engine that propels it to a top speed of 38 knots and to a cruising speed of 21.

the boat accelerates to a top speed of 38 knots and a cruising speed of 21
all images courtesy of invictus yachts

stepping on board via the spacious but stern swimming platform, the invictus ‘280SX’ yacht was designed to enhance contact with the sea. the well-sized cockpit, which comfortably accommodates five to six passengers, is exposed to the ocean apart from the large windscreen that protects the bridge. the console’s central area features a L-shaped sofa, while a C-shaped sofa covers the entire bow. these details can be entirely customized by customers to deliver the perfect yacht in terms of colors, finishes and accessories.

the stern design ensures the performance is completely comfortable

As for the retail price, the indicative figures (excluding VAT) say € 70750 with the gas,350 HP engine, up to € 79750 with the 260 HP diesel unit.

The numbers of Invictus 280 SX

Length overall 8.7 m (28ft 6in)
Beam 2.7 m (8ft 10in)
Displacement 2800 Kg
Passengers 8
Cruise speed 21 kn (24 mph)
Top speed 39 kn (45 mph)
Engine power 260/350 HP
Fuel reserve 530 l (140 US gal)
Fresh water reserve 54 l (14 US gal)
Designer Christian Grande
Builder Aschenez boatyard

it has been crafted with italian style to deliver in the same fashion

the 8.70 meter long console is spacious for five to six passengers

customization levels are high with customers able to change the colors, finishes and accessories

the 280SX is ready for high performance or relaxation