LEGO Breakfast Machine Cracks Eggs, flips Bacon, Salts and Peppers


youtuber ‘the brick wall’ has made working tractors, zambonis, submarines and rumbas out of LEGOS — but in the description for his latest video, he claims that this LEGO breakfast machine was the most challenging modification so far. he had to do it though; his dad just loves a good breakfast.

all images courtesy of the brick wall

the device is comprised of two eggcelent parts: a picker for picking and a cracker for cracking. to create these working, moving machines, the brick wall used 10 lego PF motors, 1 buWizz brick, 2 Sbrick pluses, and 1 LEGO IR receiver. the process seems agonizingly slow, but you have to hand it to the LEGO egg cracker for not getting a single shard of shell in the pan.