Finetza motorhome by pinnacle specialty vehicles expands via smartphone app


successfully combining a rugged aesthetic with a business class interior, the finetza by PSV is india’s first expanding motorhome. the massive hunk of grey metal is reminiscent of a rectangular van with the look of an armored SUV. the low ground clearance and dark finish may not appeal to everyone, but stepping inside the luxury camper reveals its true inner beauty.

all images © pinnacle specialty vehicles

the ‘finetza’ by pinnacle specialty vehicles has a high roof and drooping lower body to increase space and practicality. the polygonal doors, off-angle windows feel like they belong more on an armored truck than a camper van. the sleek cabin design looks more like a private jet, rather than a motorhome. curved LED smart TVs are embedded within the walls and are complemented by a home theater sound experience. the interior also makes use of a rear expansion module in a similar fashion to the doubleback VW. the rear pod can be opened via mobile devices to reveal the master bedroom suite.

the lounge-like interior features wide seats, powered recliners, and an array of different layout options. its sofas and chairs can convert into beds at the touch of a button, and a variety of fold-out, slide-out, and adjustable tables can serve as a dining table, game table, or desk. elegant wall paneling, LED ambient lighting, noise-cancelling insulated doors create the feeling of travelling in luxury. dpeending on layout the ‘finetza’ can sleep from two to eight people, with room in the main lounge where the seats convert into sleeping areas, and at least two people in the motorized master bedroom suite.